Uruguay Residency Group
Galeria Santos Dumont L.12, No. 230
Gorlero y 30
Punta Del Este, 20100

Email: info@uruguayresidencylawyers.com

Uruguay Immigration Department

US Embassy in Montevideo

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Welcome to the Uruguay Residency Group!  To put it simply, we assist individuals and families in their efforts to relocate to Uruguay and obtain Uruguayan residency and citizenship.  We manage and oversee a team of local Uruguayan service providers to ensure that our clients’ applications are filed properly and that all follow up work with the Direccion Nacional de Migracion (DNM) is handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our services are catered to clients who wish to rest comfortably knowing that U.S. licensed attorneys are monitoring their immigration status and that the fate of their residency does not rest solely in the hands of local Uruguayan service providers.

  • Consulting with a U.S. licensed attorney
  • Reviewing all necessary documentation by a U.S. licensed attorney in conjunction with our local team of Uruguayan immigration experts
  • Scheduling of all necessary appointments with the DNM, Interpol and authorized medical facilities
  • Obtaining certified translations of all documents
  • Obtaining notary stamps on all documents from licensed escribanos (notary publics)
  • Ensuring that all documents are properly registered with the civil registry
  • Accompanying you to Interpol (for U.S. citizens) to obtain police reports
  • Accompanying you to an authorized medical facility to obtain health cards
  • Accompanying you to the DNM to submit your residency application
  • Tracking your residency application and immigration status
  • Accompanying you to government offices to apply for your temporary Cedula (Identification Card)
  • Responding to any additional requests by the DNM
  • Obtaining necessary follow up documentation, translations and notary stamps
  • Updating your residency application
  • Accompanying you to government offices to apply for your permanent Cedula (Identification Card)